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  • Dear All

    I have a few questions about license, i bought a comercial license and we want create a fresh new instance of mango and transfer the license, there is a simple way to do this?, I know there is a form to fill for change the GUID. i have to contact helpdesk of mango everytime that we need this?. I need to move a few datapoints and dashboards from the old instance, which currently have the license, to the new one, when the license is transfered how to i can move those data? i can reach the old instance?

    Sorry for all the question, i new in mango.
    Thanks for all the comments and advices.

  • Make a SQL database backup and export the configuration backup as well. This will allow you to transfer all of your settings then import them into your new instance.

    i have to contact helpdesk of mango everytime that we need this?

    I don't believe so you should be able to move everything. However if the GUID of the instance changes, then you'll need to have your license amended.

    i can reach the old instance?

    Not if it goes into free mode and you exceed the allowed maximum permitted points/use license only modules.


  • Hi @Cristian-Herrera each mango instance has its own globally unique ID. The licence is linked to this ID. The only way to transfer this licence is to fill out a licence transfer form.

  • Thanks for the info, there is a way to transfer only some data?, i mean, just need a few data sources and dashboards. And start fresh with that?

    Thanks a lot for the advices.


  • Hi Cristian,

    you can make a configuration backup


    and import this file in a new Mango installation without the history-values,
    If you want the history-values, make a backup from the noSQL-db


    To import this backup in the new system check the help via ?


    If you have a new system and want only import a few data-sources, you can export this inside the old ui-system via xml:


  • Hi Christiaan

    If you need to keep your time-series data on the new instance you will need to use the full backups on the SQL and NoSQL DBS.

    If time-series data is not required you can use the JSON export and just move over what you require.