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  • The latest news in the Mango world
  • For questions regarding Mango configuration and operation.
  • An area to discus and learn to create custom dashboards, web apps and pages.

  • Installation, Getting Started and Basic Configuration Tutorials. Please only post request for new tutorial here and all other user help in the appropriate forum below.
  • Show other users how to get interesting things done.
  • Do you have concerns, opinions or suspect you found a bug? We want to know!

  • What do you want to see that you don't already? All requests are seriously considered. Let us know by posting your enhancement description along with a clever fruit metaphor.
  • Anything goes section for developers to discuss issues regarding Mango source code
  • Discussions of hardware and vendors that work with Mango
  • How are you using Mango? What equipment do you have it connected to? Let others know about the possibilities!
  • Whatever you want to know about this package.
  • Whatever you want to know about this package.
  • Forum for discussions regarding the Mango Scripting environment within Meta Data Points and Scripting Data Sources.
  • General discussion for Mango Automation
  • For question and help with installing Mango Automation
  • An area for professional brewers to learn how to use the Brewers Dashboard System based on the Mango Automation software.
  • Discussions and help with the Mango Embedded Hardware