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Removing extreme values manually

  • Is there a way to manually remove extreme values, if the default settings were not enough, and we did not manually set them to something reasonable?

    For example, I have a value of 6000 F for outdoor temperature, and since I'm using a meta point for averaging daily and monthly temperature, this will throw it off.

    The extreme value discard did not catch this. How can I manually remove this value?.

  • You can remove individual point values via the dataImport module. The basic process is:

    1. Export the data around the time you want to delete into CSV/Excel
    2. Import data you want to modify (check the file format as there is a column to indicate add/delete)

    1. I tried to export the data through the point details page, and I think this isn't the way, but I couldn't find another way:


    1. However, I don't have enough information to fill in all these columns that are required =(

    I can manually enter the XID, Device Name and Point Name.

    How can I get the Time, Rendered, and Annotation values?

    Also, am I supposed to type in either "add" or "delete" in the Modify column, as text?


  • Try the Legacy Point Details page or the Watch List. On those two pages you should get the right format and have the option to export in xls format.

  • OK that was pretty easy. Thanks fellas.

    Also, for future reference, I did just type the text value "delete" (without quotes) in the modify column, that worked.