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    No worries, much appreciated. =)

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    @mattfox said in Changing Data Source but Retaining Data Point History?:


    Since the last time we worked on this, this '&limit=10000" does not allow the page to load.

    Anyway, the mango install just can't handle downloading an entire data set for even a single XID. The whole mango service comes to a slow crawl, as it pegs all cores to 100%. All screens can't reach the mango service, and in general is not ideal. And in the end, it still can't download it.

    Plus how am I supposed to re-upload it. This download format is different than what you get using the watch list page downloads. Tn addition, the timestamp column appears messed up =( There are also not enough rows in excel for some of this data, I suspect, lol.

    I will have to continue this conversation with IA.

    As far as I can tell, there's no decent way, for the lay-man such as myself, to manipulate large amounts of data and other critical information. I suspect a lot of back-end work would have to be done to allow for such functionality.

    My uneducated guess is that the whole structure is a bit rigid.

    I'll keep putting this work off until a good solution appears, or I can get help directly from IA.

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    Okay awesome, I'll play around with stuff, see what works well.

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    Okay thanks for everything, I can certainly handle it from here! If anything, I'll have to split it up, like you said, though I would have hoped to be able to get more out of this method. I hope it's more than I can get out of the watchlist page, haha.

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    Ok I found the watch list for a test watchlist ID: WL_883061


    The page appears to work fine:

    0_1583345621374_watch list download page.png

    Data begins approximately Feb 7, 2017, so I set a test download from

    Feb 7, 2017 to March 4, 2020 with 1 day rollup interval:


    I was getting lost connectivity and restored notifications.

    Anyway, after the server is finished doing whatever it is doing, with a high processor load, I get an error for the CSV download:


    Any idea what the issue may be?

    I tried a smaller time period for the download and that had no problems.

    I assume it's some limit in some sub-system that I may have to adjust values for?

    edit: I think I see what the issue is. ma/log shows this error:

    ERROR 2020-03-04T12:36:28,716 (com.serotonin.m2m2.rt.maint.BackgroundProcessingImpl$ - Error in work item
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

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    What parts of this script should I be changing to get the points I am looking for?

    <ma-watch-list-get ng-model="designer.watchList" parameters="designer.parameters" on-points-change="designer.points = $points" id="29305bf3-cc2a-4bac-9650-3cbf64d738a9" watch-list-xid="WL_Flow"></ma-watch-list-get>
    <div class="ma-designer-root" id="1a2a6980-f5bb-4acc-a41a-f8f69d5c12d2" style="width: 1366px; height: 768px; position: relative;">
        <ma-calc input="designer.points | filter:{name:'Flow'}:true | maFirst" output="point"></ma-calc>
        <md-button id="2585b1fa-a630-4255-8670-41884b8754e2" style="position: absolute; left: 260px; top: 70px;" class="md-raised" ng-href="/rest/v2/point-values/time-period/{{point.xid}}?fields=TIMESTAMP&fields=VALUE&fields=ANNOTATION&from={{dateBar.from.toISOString()}}&to={{}}&format=csv2" download="{{}}.csv">Download values</md-button>

    I'll re-create the data source because it's easy in bacnet, but I am still trying to figure out how to download the data easily.

    I don't fully understand what XID I need to match to something in my own syste,

    There's no point XID in there, as far as I can tell.

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    I am getting these errors when trying to import data point configuration for every point:

    Data point with XID 'boosterPumpsOutputPress' does not already exist and references a data source that does not exist. Ignored.

    I'm probably not following your instructions 100% somehow, I'll try to understand better.

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    Okay cool I'll give that a try and report back. Thanks Matt.

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    So right now I'm trying to backup and data itself.

    We got 23 data points collecting data over many years.

    I can't fit enough data into one watch list graph even from one point to be able to download it all.

    I can't download 5000 points at a time for 23 data points.

    Is there another reliable way to download all of this data?

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    Hey Terry,

    This one is also giving a java out of bounds exception, but I don't understand why:

    //Script by Phil Dunlap to automatically generate lost history
    if( my.time + 60000 < source.time ) { //We're at least a minute after
      var metaEditDwr = new com.serotonin.m2m2.meta.MetaEditDwr();
          my.getDataPointWrapper().getId(), my.time+1, CONTEXT.getRuntime(), false);
      //Arguments are, dataPointId, long from, long to, boolean deleteExistingData
      //my.time+1 because first argument is inclusive, and we have value there
    //Your regular script here.*/
    //Get daily run starts
    return runs.past(MINUTE, 1440)['data'].get(true).starts;

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