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    A lot of these are self-explanatory but you will find some additional information if you go to the help section for the Administration > System Status page. <your mango URL>/ui/help/system-status

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    @nurr MangoNoSQLPointData-incremental file is likely not being used but there is a feature in Mango where you can associate extra data with a time series. If you are not using this then there won't be anything in the file.

    If you want to restore your configuration and your history then using the H2/MySQL restore is the only way. The configuration backup can be handy but doesn't include all the data from the database. It is specifically missing the Data Point ID which is how the data is linked to the history. If you are not restoring the history then you should be able to use the configuration but restoring the database is recommended for any kind of restoring of the system.

    You can see this for more information: http://docs-v4.mango-os.com/how-to-restore-a-h2-database-backup

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    Thanks Matt, I'm sure we can help with that.

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    Thanks! Mango v4 is available as a beta, you can check it out and read some of the release notes here: https://store.infiniteautomation.com/core. There are a lot of changes in the works so be sure to read the release notes and upgrade notes. We have a new documentation site docs-v4.mango-os.com dedicated to is and you will see many new tutorials and other enhancements to the documentation.

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    If you can share your script and a JSON export of your Data Point that would be the first step to find out what other questions there might be.

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    Hello, Mango community,

    We’re very pleased to announce that the Infinite Automation team, Mango and BitBox USA have merged to create Radix IoT, a leading IoT platform on the market. This new company combines the many strengths of Infinite Automation and the Mango software platform with BitBox USA’s years of experience in critical infrastructure monitoring and management.

    Please see the Press Release here on the new Radix IoT website, for all the details.

    This is good news for all Mango users. Radix IoT, the sum total of all our experience, passion, and know-how, will offer more options, more features, and more benefits. And we can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime, we are just as committed to bring out new Mango releases and future development and to support our current customer base.

    You can see our new websites here:


    Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask.

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    That is an interesting question. The device does respond with a confirmation message after a write but I don't think there is any way to display that it was received. On the Data Source, there is a Write failed event that you can use if there is a failure in a write command.

    If the write is successful the timestamp of the confirmation will be the last update of the data point. As Matt suggests you could set up different ways to handle this with logic in the PLC

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    You can configure the location of the MangoNoSQL Database in the env.properties file. You can also configure the backup locations under the various backup settings on the System Settings page.

    Here is some information on the env.properties file https://help.infiniteautomation.com/installation-configuration#env-properties

    These are some of the settings you might be interested in:

    #Set the base path for where the NoSQL data will be stored, relative to $MA_HOME (can also be set to an absolute path)
    # Default database settings
    # The path in the db.url is relative to MA_HOME, or can be absolute

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    I believe we plan to remove point links in Mango 4. It's very easy to accomplish the same thing via a Scripting Data Source.

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