• T tomatopi

    I'm trying to see if Mango is a fit for what I'm trying to do. I'm hoping somebody could give ideas on the best way to control a custom heating system.

    I have a remote Modbus device that communicates via XBee. For simplicity, it has one Analog input which is the temperature and one coil output. The device is not a thermostat, but rather a "dumb" controller with only the two registers. I already have the device setup in Mango and am collecting the temperature and can read/set the coil status.

    I would like a user to be able to set a desired setpoint via virtual data point (I know how to do that) and Mango to control the remote heat coil on/off using a given hysteresis from another virtual data point.

    I'm just looking for a starting point on best practices to accomplish this or if Mango is indeed the right product for this sort of control. Long term, the goal would be to alter the setpoint and hysteresis levels via meta data points based on a collection of other wireless sensor data, then control many individual units within a given zone.



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