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  • Hi,
    I was looking through documentation on changing the network settings, IP/Mask/DNS etc... And see a Network Configuration tab under system settings referenced but when I go to look on my end I'm not seeing the option there. I know I can use the USB configuration but wanted to see how/where I can do it on this end.


  • Hi @bhansen

    You will need to install the MangoES configuration module.

  • Thanks @CraigWeb,

    I got that installed and I now see Mango ES Configuration under settings but only really see where I can upload a file, change Host Name and Time Zone. Was unsure what I needed to do if i want to change IP/Mask/Gateway/DNS.

  • Which device are you trying to change the network settings on? If it is a MangoGT, the module should work - you may just need to refresh without the cache (Ctrl+Shift+R for Chrome/Firefox). If you're trying to set a static IP for a MangoHTS, the MangoES Configuration module is not supported and you'll want to SSH into the unit and adjust the /etc/network/interfaces file.

    Let me know if you need instructions for the latter.

  • It's a Mango GT. I tried doing that refresh, different browsers, wiping cache still no luck. Here's what I'm seeing;

  • Hmm, then I would suggest setting it in the /etc/network/interfaces file. Download an SSH client like PuTTY and connect to:

    Port 2222

    Your unique SSH password would have been included on a sticker in the MangoGT box. If you need us to look it up, please send the serial number of the MangoGT to Use the following command to edit the file:

    sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

    Then change this line:

    iface eth0 inet dhcp

    To be like this:

    iface eth0 inet static
    address x.x.x.x
    netmask x.x.x.x
    gateway x.x.x.x
    dns-nameservers x.x.x.x

    Ctrl+x, y, Enter to save. Then sudo reboot to restart the unit with the new static network settings. Gateway and DNS servers are optional if you don't need them.