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  • Hi! I have amps and volts (3 phase) that I'm reading. I want to calculate kWh. I assume the easiest method would be to setup a meta data point but I'm a novice. any thoughts? I will also want to move this data to a chart and gauge.



  • Hi Rowen

    Kind of hard to see what your actual question is. Yes, a meta point will be the best option to calculate the power consumption, The meta-point can then be used in a dashboard with a <ma-get-point-value> component. Go through these documents and if you get stuck let us know what you have done so far and where exactly you are getting stuck,

  • Hi Rowen,

    I assume the amperage and voltage measurements are on the same device that you're polling? I would simply add both points into the context of the meta point, have only one of them update the context, and have a 1 second execution delay on the meta point (provided you are sampling less than once per few seconds, otherwise I would have a RuntimeManager.sleep(100); as the first thing (not for history generation though!)).

    It should also be said that if you require a high degree of precision you should use an energy meter instead of extrapolating from sampled data.

  • Hi Rowen,
    Hope this helps to get started.

    I am only monitoring current on one of the 3 phases on a small job, and I've used:

    return (1.732 * 0.7 * p217.value * p218.value)/1000;

    1.732 = Square Root of 3
    0.7 = power factor I measured onsite once
    p217 = Amps
    p218 = Voltage

    It's not going to be as good as a power meter, but gets me trending which is all I am after and it's fairly close.

  • @pikey4 Hey! Sorry I didn't reply sooner but your info helped me out. Thx.