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  • I had deleted the slave points from a modbus data source; Will this method work to recreate them: Create a new duplicate data source with a new xid and export the slaves to JSON then change the DS xid to the original and re-importing the points. Would this work to add them back into the data source?

  • I believe your method will work, havn't tested it but I dont see why it will not work...
    Try un-check the create slave monitor checkbox then save the data source.
    check it again and then save again. Mine recreated it when I did this.

  • I tried unchecking the modbus IP Data Source create slave box; saving the data source and rechecking the option and saving again. I also did it after disabling and re-enabling. Sadly No slave points were created from this method..

  • strange I tested it before I posted is your data source modbusIP or modbus serial ? Make sure you have a binary bit data point on that data source with the slave ID that you want to be monitored.