• H hazel

    Hi Terry,
    We will install development environment for Mango v4.0.0.beta5 to our test servers.

    We are following the steps on this link .

    We completed the steps until the “Copy Overrides” part. But on that part we cannot find classes folder and classes debug-log4j2.xml file on the directory.
    Also, on the Run Configuration part while we are configuring VM Arguments, we could not set debug-log4j2.xml file.
    We saw that properties file is on the resources file. On the run configuration dependencies tab, what should we connect to Classpath Entries?

    Is there a different documentation for beta.5 development environment?
    Thanks in advance,

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  • H hazel

    Hi All!!

    Can we count number of active events by using API?

    In order to use API, we prepared query url but we do not know how to use it. Can you share the example of how to use API?


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  • H hazel


    Is that possible to count number of active events which belongs to specific group of points? For example, I would like to count active critical events of points which has a Building A tag.

    Thanks a lot !

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  • H hazel

    Hi Craig,

    We are looking forward to improvements on the event handler page. When it will be available for us? Probably we will continue by editting json file.

    Thanks for replies @MattFox @CraigWeb

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  • H hazel

    Hello Everybody!!

    When have more than 50.000 points in our system and we added Building Tag to each point. Currently, we are using Set Point Event Handler to send notifications to other systems. For example, when we add new Set Point Event Handler for just events of Building A, we need to select event handlers each event of Building A one by one.

    Is there any easy method to select Event Handler for each event of point which has Building Tag 'Building A'?

    Also, is that possible to select events in the script of Set Point Event Handler?


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