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  • Where can you add new user roles(permissions) in Mango?

    There are four default roles:

    • user
    • edit-ui-menu
    • edit-ui-settings
    • edit-ui-pages

    I cannot seem to find this anywhere in the documentation.


  • Just add them to the user and they will be dynamically added to your system

  • @MattFox Any idea on how to delete the role from the system if it is not need anymore?

  • Not particularly, other than deleting that role from every user/page etc..

    I've yet to find the right place where they are all stored. Mind you I'm not at my work PC right now, so I can't look at our production system.


  • Hello Zaaphod,
    Unique roles are added in the user menu. When creating a new user we add the user name to the "Roles (permission groups)" setting. This creates a new user role in the system. We then assign that role to the read / set settings on the data points and dashboards as needed.


    I hope this is what you were looking for.