• Z zaaphod


    I am having issues creating event handlers. Anytime i edit or save and event handler it gives me an error, i also cannot delete them as it gives me the same error.

    'Error saving event handler: Internal Server Error — org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: Handler dispatch failed; nested exception is java.lang.StackOverflowError'

    Any one have any ideas what might be causing the issue?

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  • Z zaaphod

    I am looking to change the port from 8080 to 80 so that that my domain name will resolve.

    When i change the port to 80 from '' and run 'systemctl status mango' i get that "Active: activating (auto-restart)" instead of running. I also cannot access the page on port 80.

    Is there other properties i need to change to make mango run on port 80?


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  • Z zaaphod

    Where can you add new user roles(permissions) in Mango?

    There are four default roles:

    • user
    • edit-ui-menu
    • edit-ui-settings
    • edit-ui-pages

    I cannot seem to find this anywhere in the documentation.


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  • Z zaaphod

    Thanks for the reply's.

    I had a go with the scripts but running into issues with the callback. I am getting 'TypeError: Cannot read property "length" from undefined at line: 16'.

    var foxesCBHandler = function(status, headers, content)
       var data = JSON.parse(content);
       data = data.result; //lets get the info we want.
        for (var pnt in CONTEXT_POINTS) //list of points in context
            for(var i=0; i<data.length; i++) //loop through available values.
                if(this[pnt].xid === data[ i ].deviceName) //items match
                    this[pnt].set(data[ i ].diStatus, Date.parse(data[ i ].readDate) ); //set value and time
                    break; //finished, next context pt!

    I'm rather new to javascript so not sure what the issue is there. The JSON i am requesting is:


    I am just looking to pull the DiStatus.

    Matt, i am using the Moxa IoLogic. I can give that a look although have never used SNMP before. Have you set them up before with SNMP in the past? I'm not too sure of the configuration for it.


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  • Z zaaphod

    I am having issues with JSON HTTP retriever and need a little help.

    I have set up the data source and data point. I get error 'Invalid Response 400' trying to configure the data source, I know it's down to configuration I am just not sure how it is set up, struggling to see it in the documentation. I know my API requests work out with Mango so I was looking for the advise on how I should set it up.

    When testing GET requests before i attempted to link it to Mango i had it set up like so.



    • Accept - vdn.dac.v1
    • Content-Type - application/json

    That will pull all my inputs of the device and can use the following to pick out each input for the specific signal.

    Here is how I set it up.

    alt text

    I i get the error 400 when trying to connect, I beleive it is an issue to do with theh headers on the API get request. Where can i edit the headers? Any help would be much appreciated.


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