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Serial data source causing crash

  • Hi all,
    I just deleted a data source (modbus IP) that I was using for testing purposes. Mango then crashed/shut down and now wont load. It gets to 40/50% and gives and error Unable to load /mango/status/ status:0

    The cmd window closes and there are no errors in ma.log.
    No other changes were made to mango or java.

    Mango version is 3.7.7.
    Java Version is AdoptOpenJDK

    EDIT: This appears to be a serial/com port issue. I have set up some modbus serial data points but when I enable the data source Mango crashes. It wont restart until I delete the database. No errors in ma.log, it just crashes when starting data sources.

    EDIT 2: I have tried a USB to RS485 converter in case it was a com port issue but it is also crashing Mango when I enable the data source. I have confirmed the converter is working using ModbusPoll on the same PC and slave device.

    Any Ideas? Thanks


  • Hi Rob

    Can you have a look if there is a pid_error file in your mango directory after the crash.

  • Hi Craig, There is indeed! WIll I post it?

  • Hi Rob can you email it to us.

  • Done. Thanks Craig.

  • I'm getting this as well.

    I restored from a windows crash and using the recommended AdoptOpenJDK JDK. I was using the old JDK from Oracle prior. I now get this error and I know the port works fine as I can communicate using a modbus master tool.

  • @chrapchp Have you tried going back to Oracle JDK? I ended up using a Modbus gateway.

  • @robmalone Mango did not even what to start up with JDK 1.14. I did recover the old jdk I was using on the crashed system and will revert to that.