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  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to let you know we have updated our developers documentation. We have separated it into 2 parts, Angular for the UI and Java for the backend. As of Mango 3.7 there is a new 'development' mode that can save time developing. Check them out here:

    UI Development Process

    Eclipse for Java

  • Hi Terry, just letting you know I clicked in and nothing appeared on mobile when I clicked on the Ui Development process menu item.
    Sorry, disregard, it wasn't until I went into my pc I realised the page is actually a file download...

  • Hi Terry,
    We will install development environment for Mango v4.0.0.beta5 to our test servers.

    We are following the steps on this link .

    We completed the steps until the “Copy Overrides” part. But on that part we cannot find classes folder and classes debug-log4j2.xml file on the directory.
    Also, on the Run Configuration part while we are configuring VM Arguments, we could not set debug-log4j2.xml file.
    We saw that properties file is on the resources file. On the run configuration dependencies tab, what should we connect to Classpath Entries?

    Is there a different documentation for beta.5 development environment?
    Thanks in advance,