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Can meta (calculated) data points work for "synchronized" data

  • I'm running mango 3.5.6

    I have been working on getting meta (calculated) data points (those under a meta data source) working under non-ideal conditions. I have success in using the CONTEXT to determine the timestamp of the update that triggered the script, then using this to look up the value of all points to calculate and setting it as the timestamp of the value being calculated.


    This works for quite well, as long as the publisher is able to buffer the data through any communication delays.
    However, if the data is missed and later is updated by a Synchronize, it appears that the meta point script is NOT triggered. I am aware that it's possible to perform a "Generate History" on the meta data source to calculate values for data that has come through on a synchronize.

    Can you please tell me if there have been any changes in this area in v3.6, or is there a simple way of automating history generation to trigger after data is synchronized?

  • Hi Andrew

    I have run into the same issue before, unfortunately, there is no easy way to trigger the generated history. The generate history can be triggered by via the rest API, so you could create a script that monitors the mango PTCP data source, stores the timestamp when it disconnects, then when reconnected, do an API request to start the generate history with the saved time stamp and the reconnected time stamp.
    I did not have to go this far when I ran into this issue so I have not attempted the script yet.