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Is it possible to set a modbus data point's timestamp when it's read

  • Hi

    We are using v3.5.6
    We are looking at reading values from a PC that sits between mango and the end devices and buffers the data. So the mango will read values and timestamps from modbus registers on the buffer PC. I have worked how to read values into a modbus data point and have a separate data point in a meta data source that includes a script that sets the timestamp of the secondary data point (the meta one).
    I'm wondering if it's possible to achieve this without having to create the meta data point. ie set the timestamp of the modbus data point when it's read.


  • This is not possible with the Modbus data source. Is the end device a Modbus serial or TCP device? Most TCP devices will allow multiple masters to poll them.

  • Thanks Craig

    The device we are polling is TCP. Why do you ask - do you have an idea?

  • Could mango not just poll the device directly? Or are they on different networks ?

  • We have been asked to interface the mango to a system where another computer buffers the data so unfortunately we can’t poll the device directly.