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Multiple Set points on one Event Handler

  • Hi,

    What would be the best way to set multiple points from ONE Event Handler?
    I want to activate more than one valve from the Advanced Scheduler.

    On the set point TAB, is is only possible to set ONE point. Do I have to run script?
    There is no clarification in the help file on this or external context points.


  • Under event handlers, I'm not sure if the legacy view is required (Don't know what version you are using) you can create an event handler to fire based of an event you create. In this instance, a scheduled event. When it fires you should have a script option to fire. You should be able to set multiple points with that. Alternatively, set the handler to set a point and use that as a context point to fire a scripting data source. Then you can set and modify points as you see fit, complete with calculations and point lookups etc.


  • @hayden_aus
    Having multiple targets would be a nice feature tho. currently, you will have to add the extra points and set them to your desired value in the script. with key.set(True)

  • Hi Craig,

    You don't know where I can find out more about "Keys".

    I see reference in Event handlers, as well as the scripting data source.

    Haven't had to use them before. No mention in the scripting help.

  • @hayden_AUS any point that is added to the external context requires a key(variable name).
    0_1564391480776_Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.10.56.png
    you can now use this point in the script by referencing its key.

    You can then see what attributes methods are available to you on this point by scripting:
    print( and clicking validate.

    0_1564391693687_Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.14.07.png

  • Got it, I'm used to the V2 interface, thanks.

  • No problem, let me know if you don't come right.
    The V3 event handler interface has quite a nice enhancement which allows you to create one event handler and assign it to multiple event detectors. In the V2 interface, each event detector required its own event handler. This is great for when you have hundreds of alarm notifications.

  • @craigweb said in Multiple Set points on one Event Handler:

    set them to your desired value in the script. with key.set(True)

    Just an FYI.... you mean key.set(true); not 'True'