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Setting values with specific timestamps

  • Hey guys, I'm sure this has been asked somewhere in here before. Is there a way I can create a dashboard page which would allow me to set the value of a specified point but also pass a timestamp? We have several parameters which come from the electrical company which change every few months and then need to applied to calculations. I need to be able to allow end users to open a dashboard, select the point and basically specify something like May 2019. The system would take that value and apply it to the point as of May 1 2019 00:00:00.000

  • What about using scheduled events to trigger a script to change a data points value?
    Surely there is some set pattern to the dates that the value should change?
    You could still have a dashboard where they set a virtual point that will be used in their calculation.

  • Hi psysak,

    There are a few ways you could go about it,

    1. Build a UI widget that POSTs to the /rest/v2/point-values endpoint.
         "xid": "DP_Num_Example",
         "timestamp": 1557250438657,
         "dataType": "NUMERIC",
         "value": 123.456
    1. Encode the date and rate information into one or more points, then trigger a scripting data source which "Saves historic" to .set(value, timestamp) to the appropriate points. I may set an alphanumeric to 52.13~1557250438657 which is a context point that updates the context of a script which simply splits the string on ~ and turns it back to numbers.

    Neither of these methods would cause point events to run currently (no websocket notification of the new value, , but the value would be available for recalculating meta point histories, for instance.