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Disable the Data Point Details in point Value popup

  • Hello!

    Is there a way to disable the link to the data point details link icon when popup is enabled on a live point value?

    Ideally, the enable popup only to display "quick view chart, stats, and point values" and the "set point value" (if available).

    Any Suggestions?


  • Yes there is in fact, it is supposed to be an attribute like this data-point-details="false" however the data prefix gets stripped off so its not working correctly. This however works - data-data-point-details="false"
    I'll fix this for 3.6

  • Good question I would expect setting data-point-details="false" to achieve that but I just tested it and it does not.

    Edit: lol I must have been testing while Jared responded

  • Thanks for the reply,

    Yes I was trying to utilise the data-point-details="false"
    but was not successful as you have pointed out.


    works just fine


  • Hey Guys, where abouts does this attribute go in the dashboard designer?
    Is it in here?


    Such a javascript newbie :/

  • These attributes are usually under "Element Specific"


  • OK once I realised I was reading into that one a little too much and I just needed to hit the Edit Markup slider and put it in the source for each of the data points, that sorted it.

    Thanks heaps for that!