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  • I have a mango v3.5 I am using a cloud connect to talk to the mango.
    Today I added a new user. When I logged out and tried to log back in with the new user it did not work? Also the old password now doesn't work? Also I see ma-start.bat doesn't open now. As you can guess from this I have very limited understanding of the system. Any ideas?


    • What are the exact versions of Mango and the Cloud Connect module on a) the server b) the client?
    • You added a new user where? The server or the client?
    • You logged out where? The server or the client?
    • The old password? You never mentioned changing a password.
    • Please include a screen shot of the proxy settings, there are various ways to configure the authentication with the proxy and the remote client

  • Hi Jared
    Mango is 3.5 ES3702 and cloud connect I bought in Feb this year. Not sure where to find version?
    I added new user to server, then logged out of server.
    I didn't change the old password but it now doesn't work.
    Where are proxy settings?0_1552947173854_Mango login.PNG

  • I believe my problem could be that the ma-start.bat file won't run. Here is the error message that I get.



  • You can see the "address already in use error which means something is using the port that Mango is configured for. If you refresh the browser do you still get the login page?

  • yes. I have started and stopped pc several times. Just get as the picture above

  • I'm a bit confused by what you are describing. If you restarted the whole PC and you still get the Login page for Mango then that tells me Mango is already running. Please confirm the login page is loading after you restart the PC and without running the ma-start.bat file. Or please explain this a bit better. It sounds like either Mango is not running and some other program is using the port Mango is configured for or Mango is already running and you need to recover your username or password.

  • So I restart my pc. I try to run ma-start.bat but it comes up with the error from above. (port in use) I go to our domain name provided through and it opens and auto fills in my user info. This doesn't work, just says login failed bad credentials.
    All other passwords do not work either. I ran netstat to check ports and it says that port 8090 is not in use. I checked that the show to use port 8090. Where else can I look?


  • Do you get the login screen if you put in localhost:8090 or your local IP address:8090?

  • Hey Joel, Yes I get the Mango login screen when I go to localhost or IP plus :8090

  • Hi Rowen

    1. when you restart your PC, before you run ma-start.bat do you get a response from localhost:8090 on your browser?
    2. Are you running ma-start.bat as administrator?

  • Hi Craig, Yes when I restart my pc and go to localhost:8090, without running the ma-start.bat, I get the Mango login screen. Yes, I am running ma-start.bat as administrator.

  • Hi Rowen,

    There's a lot going on here! I have sent you an email with the IP the DNS record is pointing to. It sounds like there's a few questions getting jumbled here.

    1. Is your PC the PC at that IP?
    2. Is that instance of Mango the cloud connect server?
    3. Is that the instance of Mango that a password change attempt was made on, or a client connected to it via cloud connect?
    4. Have you installed it as a service on this PC (it definitely sounds like you have, which is why it is running when you start the computer)?

    Whatever the resolution to those questions, this thread has probably the simplest method given access to the computer running Mango to change the password:

  • Hi Phil, I went to that link to reset password. Not sure how to stop Mango. Joel installed the cloud connect for me. I found a "mango" in services on my pc and I stopped it. When I go to Mango to get into h2-web part I get the following

  • @rowen 0_1553200370830_Mango h2-web.PNG

    Sorry to seem so helpless but I'm at a loss?


  • Navigate to localhost:8085 if your browser and you'll have the chance to login to the H2 web console, to change the password.

  • Hey Phil, Just a refuse to connect message?

  • I get a refuse to connect message

  • I enumerated questions for you that were to help me understand the situation better. They are relevant to why your would not be getting a connection at localhost and should be answered, preferably clearly and in the enumerated fashion.

    You could also try the IP it shows in the console output. But, it sounds like multiple machines are getting confused to me.

  • Hi Phil,

    1. yes this is the pc at the IP address you saw
      2.yes this is where the cloud connect server, I believe. I had Joel set it up.
      3.yes the change to the password was for this instance on Mango
    2. Joel set it up, but I see Mango as a service on this pc