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Make default datebar rollup type Simplify?

  • How can I have new users / logins always default to simplify for rollup type?


  • Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately this is not currently possible. The state of the user's selections isn't actually stored on the Mango server, it's stored in the browser's local storage. It could be a nice to have, though (to be able to preload a user's UI state), so thanks for the suggestion!

  • Hi,

    So knowing this, I should just set all of my numeric data points to have rollup type simplify? Is this safe?

    The remote mango server is feeding the cloud server through persistent tcp publishing.

    Are there any repercussions I should be aware of? Or can I blindly set the rollup type? The rollup only affects the visualization correct? It does not modify the logging properties right?


  • It does not effect the logging. But doing that would have a global effect on any page that uses the datebar. You could also set the roll up in your

    <ma-point-values point-xid="BDP_EERST_WTW_TOTFL" values="point1Values" from="dateBar.from" 
       to="" rollup="SIMPLIFY" simplifyTolerance="500">

  • Awesome, that does the trick! Duh. I didn't even look there.


  • Also, the date bar should default to "Point Default" for the roll-up for a new user. The idea of this is on the Data Point setting you can specify a roll-up or simplify option for each Data Point. If you do this you should get the behavior you want.

  • Yes, I have yet to set rollups on data points.

    I think simplify is safe to apply to all numeric datapoints? I can't think of a reason why not.


  • I think simplify is safe to apply to all numeric datapoints? I can't think of a reason why not.

    As CraigWeb noted it does not affect logging. It is likely more overhead than the other rollup types, but I wouldn't expect that to be too big a deal. You can use the internal data source to watch if you see significant changes over time.