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  • I need to start connecting publishing from a cloud Mango instance to some MangoESs. Ive noted that OpenVPN is mentioned a lot in the forum. Just wondering why it is preferred over SoftEther which is free,

    Also any tips or things to look out for would be very much appreciated.

  • To answer for myself it's just inertia. I've used OpenVPN (which has a "community edition" that is free, and has been integrated into tools like Webmin) but not SoftEther. Haven't really had cause to shop for alternatives.

  • Openvpn is free. The version which provides a gui and monitor system is what costs money. I use it for all of my infrastructure. Works well and easy to set up.
    Ok back to my holiday..

  • I've deployed some pretty monster OpenVPN systems going back several years.. It's worked very well, and I'm using it again on our new monitoring product here. It's free, integrated with lots of things, and is generally very useful. Note that we're doing this all on the backend- Our end users have no idea that we're doing this, but that's the way it should be..

  • Hey just a teaser but Mango 3.5 will include a new feature called Cloud Connect which establishes a secure VPN like connection using reverse ssh tunnels between a central / cloud instance of Mango and a remote instances like a MangoES. It allows for easy access to the remote Mango over this tunnel which I think would work for HTTP publishing. The cool thing is it's entirely in Mango so does not depend on any OS configurations and is super easy to set up.

  • Sounds awesome add a onboard 3g modem to the mangoES and things will be a whole lot simpler.

  • Thank you just one question, does sudo apt-get install openvpn install the community edition ?

  • Correct