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  • Is there a way to let system only send one alarm for one thing happen, there are too many repeated event alarms for the same event thing. Which file make event alarm keep repeating? can I modify it to let it only issue event alrarm once no more repeat, no more duplicate?

  • I think it will help if you give a bit more detail on what events you are using. There are reset limits on numeric DP events and duration limits on binary events to reduce bounce.

  • I already forbid all events except datapoint value limit alarm, any method to reduce the bounce?

  • Tick the reset limit and insert a value, The Alarm will not trigger again unless the value goes below the reset value.

  • I think the problem he has is that it's constantly being triggered. He'd be better off using the point to trigger a meta point which will raise the alarm.
    Then use a scheduled event to reset the value after an hour or so. That way, the point would only alarm once for a given period, regardless how many times the points associated with it set that respective meta point's value. if it's already in raising alarm mode, it won't drop until it's reset.

    Give that a try @youland1900 .

  • Thanks, MattFox, that's a good idea to use meta point to solve this problem, But as you said for already in raising alarm, it won't drop until it's reset. I curiouse about how 1000 points or 3000 data points handle this issue? I only have 20 data source (200 data points) that bring alarms really huge. Human ony have interesting to read one or two hundreds events, but I have 100,000 events generated within one week.

  • I believe this is the feature requested in this issue:

    Maybe I'll look into what'd be required to implement it (again?)....

  • @phildunlap I think many users will be very grateful, please do!

  • I agree with @mattfox. I see great benefits to have an added mechanism to control the nuisance alarm.

  • An immediate remedy you could do now is to set the purge settings of the particular event level that generating to many events to 1 day. At least you'll reduce the clutter. I assume that it is not an urgent event.0_1530690023275_purge.png

  • My assumption is the datapoints have one to many relationship. If one fails, its behaviour like snowball effect, result in nuisance/repeated alarm and end up eating up your resources which lead to erratic behaviour in the system.
    Depend on the complexity of point configuration, it can easily slow down the system within hours if no action taken.

  • @youland1900 What kind of events are generated from these Data Points? Are these from Data Point event detectors or are they Data Source exceptions?

    It's very easy to generate large volumes of events if your data source is not configured correctly and you leave all the Data Source exception alarms. The recommended way to handle this is to turn the Alarm Levels on the Data Source to "Ignore" or figure out where your communication issues are coming from. You can share an example of what some of the Event Messages are and we might be able to help.

    Also as Craig said setting your purge setting is important as well.

  • Hi, JoeHaggar:
    all kinds of events, I set all events warning to raise message, but I turn off all events raise except value limit, so it generate less messages than before, but still a lot for me, as i said human only have interesting to read one hundred messges, more than that, equal to nothing and waste time to click confirm button in crazy. For my proposal, if system can filter top 20 important messages for me or inactive automatically for some not important messages after a peroid may be much better.

  • @youland1900 If you answer the questions that people are actually asking you, I think we could help reduce you events quite a bit.

    My 2 cents on the whole debate is that we should have 2 tabs in the events page.
    1 for events that are routine and happen often. these events do not need acknowledgement and disappear at a chosen time frame.
    Another tab for Alarms that require acknowledgement and do not disappear.

  • @youland1900 I don't find that very helpful. I'm trying to determine if your large number of events are caused by Data Point Event Detectors or by system / Data Source events. It will always be possible to configure a system to produce large numbers of alarms so in your case is this just something you need to change in your configuration? To know that we need to know what is creating the events you want to stop.

  • hi, JoelHaggar and CraigWeb:
    I'm in business trip and cant access mango system as it run internally.
    I will provide more detial info after I come back. sorry.