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Importing 6000 points from Excel

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry guys I copied the databases dir out on the ES and then back in again to restore it back after testing something and I must have screwed up the licence info because it saying it is unlicenced now and points limited to 300.
    I tried to restore the licence but it says GUID does not match license value.
    This is the ES GUID 1-9307830c-2e8c-3044-b6a2-bd8520d2155f
    Suggestions welcome?

  • The only reason a GUID would change is if you change the file path of where Mango is installed or you started it under a different user. On a MangoES Mango is installed in /opt/mango If you changed this they that would explain your different GUID. If you change it back the GUID will go back and the license should start working.

  • I didn't change the directory but I started it up using sudo and as mango and not sure which it is started by now so would that cause it?

  • that would do it too. On all current MangoES's mango runs under the "mango" user so if you execute it as sudo it will change to the root user and cause this. To fix first stop Mango and then run:

    "sudo chown -R mango:mango /opt/mango"

    Then start Mango as the mango user.

  • I see .. when I copied the databases dir I did so with a sudo and so did that take ownership of those files then? I see the GUID has changed and .ok its working again
    thanks Joel. :)