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Data file Data source - Tutorial or quick guide?

  • Hi has there been a tutorial for setting up the data file data sources, including CSV file types? Video?
    Even something to point in the right direction to get started.
    Any help appreciated.


  • Hi Hayden,

    There are a few example classes in Mango/web/modules/dataFiles/web/CompilingGrounds/ for some of the data types. If you write a class, you can place it in the CompilingGrounds in the proper type folder and then use the tool on the data source edit page to compile it for you.

    All types of importers have some degree of documentation linked to off the data source's documentation (Except AbstractWorkbookDataSource, which I will add now, but its abstract only compels one method be implemented, public abstract AbstractSheetDataSource[] getSheetImporters(); so that's returning an array of the Excel type importer.

    If you're on the latest version, there's also a poll class that is invoked before the directory is checked for files to import with the specified importer. This was added if you need to do some kind of custom file access of whatever sort (at the time, sftp). If you have more specific questions, or would like to offer up a file and perhaps I'll write an importer for you, feel free!

  • Thanks Phil,
    Let's assume there are two types of Mango users, those who are programming veterans, who like and use Mango for the way it works and focus on the operation of it, and those that install sensors, equipment, and want to report useful data from the system.
    I am the latter, and while I have grounded basic programming skills, the information provided on this data source is inadequate for those who do not spent a large portion of their days banging out code.
    I will try to work through the info, but cannot see why Infinite Automation cannot produce some step by step guides or video on some of the more technical aspects of Mango. The time spent by one person would benefit many.

  • Hi Hayden, You are correct and we are certainly investing more time into documentation and tutorials. With this particular Data Source there is really no way around it and requires coding. This makes it incredibly flexible but, yes, is not easy for us non-programmer users. I'd suggest emailing us the file you want to import and we can see about writing the class to match it.

  • Thanks for the reply Joel,
    I'll let you guys know if I have real trouble.