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Points don't seem to be in drop down list

  • I have finally got the PLC side of the facility working and now have just about finished implementing the Mango interface to the PLCs to show operational details. I have about 450 points, Most of them are binary status bits (status lights) that I want to reflect on the mango screen. I can pull the status information from the PLC and can see the data being read via the data source "lego" block hover. My problem that I am having is that only about 150 of my approximate 450 points show up on the drop down list when I try to select one of the points from the XID list for an ma-indicator or numeric data display. Any idea where the rest of the list is at or why it is not showing up.
    I have broken down the two PLCs into about 4 data sources each. All my data sources point to only two devices, the two plcs that inferface via Modbus IP I.For instance, I have a data source setup with the one PLC IP address and then the points are for analog data. Another does the same but pulls binary registers and bits/coils. Another pulls registers that buffer the VFD status word. I have searched for a solution but as yet have not found an anwer. I am using the MangoES box with 3.x Mango Firmware, etc. I can also see the data point data in question (missing and not missing on the XID drop down list) in my watch lists.


  • Hi Tracey, the drop down list is probably limited so that it doesn't try and load too may data points in case you have 1000's for example. If you type in the name of the point or device name you are looking for it should filter the list and you should see the points you want. If you still don't see them I would verify that you can see them on the watch list and Point Details Page.

  • Hi Tracey,

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