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Mango Es startup inrush @ 24Vdc

  • Hi,

    The mango unit is tripping my 24vdc 200W power supply on startup due to inrush I assume. Do you have an idea of what the inrush current is at 24Vdc?

  • At 24vdc the MangoES shouldn't pull more than an amp. There would need to be a pretty serious issue if it's tripping a 200 watt power supply and I think you would see smoke. I would test the power supply or try a different one.

  • Sounds like a busted PSU to me as well.

  • Power supply is probably the wrong word, it's 48/24v dcdc converter. Once the unit is up and running the unit only draws <1Amp and everything works fine. Even If I put it on a small 9Ahr battery it will drop the voltage during startup 1-2Volts on the battery.
    I've tried a 300W converter of the same brand and next i'll try a different brand.
    Is there a different onboard psu for the AC model vs. dc model or is it the same unit with a different plug?