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  • Hello, I have a problem in Mango new interface, I have created a new user, give to that user permissions to which pages to see, but when I log in with new user ID and password I did not see any pages in menu. But if I go from admin account and from page Users I use the function "SWITCH TO USER" the pages are shown in menu.

  • What pages are you trying to give the users access to? Did you create a custom page and give it a menu item? The user needs a permission for the page and for the menu item separately.

    Also, its worth a try to clear the cache and refresh the page.

  • I give permission to the new user to Events and Watch List pages and, yes, I've created a page in Dashboard and also that page.

    This shows me when I login with new user:

    And this shows me when I click "SWITCH USER" from admin page:
    0_1500106166396_switch user.JPG

  • After clicking switch user did you refresh the browser?

    Please post the permissions of the user / screen shot of the user page, and of the permissions for the pages and menu items.

  • @Jared-Wiltshire said in New user login problem:

    user page

    No, I did not refreshed the page, but after refresh all the menu item disappear...

    Here is the screen shot with user page:

    and here with permissions settings, just now I've seen that under Dashboard Permissions is missing admin2 tag, but if I put it there and click save and reload the page the tag is missing again...

  • @georgestefan users are required to have the "users" group for them to use the menu and some other features.

  • ok, thanks. I've put the "user" group to the new user and now it's working