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Backup to external directory or drive

  • Hi

    Im new to the Mango as we have just been supplied with a solution using the Mango ES and I am just wondering if it is possible to backup / restore data in the Mango to an external drive or directory outside the mango unit or is all backup of data held internally..... I am aware we can set up a report to report data externally on regular basis via email but just ascertaining if there is some other way......

  • Welcome! The MangoES has iDrive configured on it which is a really inexpensive service that we use with good success. Here are instructions:

    Alternatively you could definitely set up cron job to do a backup. All the files you are interested in are in the /opt/mango folder.

  • If you want to backup to your own devices, you gotta understand that, other than the iDrive, which I just learned about, the backup can only be done to local directory.

    So, since MangoES runs on Debian, you just have to mount whatever external device to a local directory, and with the Mango GUI, point the backup to that directory.

    Using this method you can backup to basically anything, since Debian has the ability to mount just about anything.

    For example, we backup to a NAS share, which we mounted to a local directory using fstab, so it mounts at boot automatically.