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  • Hi all, I have noticed that the displayed values in DGLux for some of the data points I am reading have a question mark ( ?)beside the values even though they display correctly in Mango on the watch lists. Not all values are affected only the temperature values. How do I correct this?

  • Hi Chromeaccent,

    What unit do you have your temperature points set to? What sort of text renderer options do they have?

  • Hi Philip,

    The temperature points are set to deg C. I have Type set to Analog,
    Use unit symbol as suffix is checked and format as 0.0.

  • I would check to make sure you don't have a "/" in the name or a space at the end of the name. If you can't figure it out, post the JSON of your datapoint so we can look.

  • Hi Chromeaccent,

    I believe that's caused by DGLux not supporting the C character used by the Units library. If you take a close look at that C, it's pretty fancy, it's a ℃ as opposed to a °C and DGLux 2.5 simply doesn't support that character.

    To fix, you can use the °C version in the text renderer's suffix, after you uncheck the 'use unit as suffix' box of the text renderer.

  • Thanks, the change of the type of C worked.