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  • I am trying to checkout the functionality of Mango. I need to connect to my device via BACnet MS/TP. I select the BACnet MS/TP as the data source, but there doesn't seem to be any way to setup my connection in terms of what port, baud rate, device ID, MAC address and I can't find any information on these settings anywhere in the documentation or forum. Also in the BACnet MS/TP data source configuration I noted there is a selection box entry for "Local Device" but the selections are empty. Is there another layer to BACnet MS/TP that is somehow setup outside of just selecting the BACnet MS/TP data source?

    Note: I am running on Windows 7 Pro.

    Note: I am wanting to use the same RS-485 port I previously used for testing out Modbus functionality in Mango and that port worked fine for Modbus.

  • Finally figured this one out...don't understand why it is this way. For those who don't find it right away, the BACnet MS/TP local device has to be setup in the System Settings, which is accessed by one of the icons at the top of the Mango web page. I don't pretend to understand why the setup is separated like this since the settings in system have no effect unless you also have the BACnet MS/TP data source running.

  • Yep, that is a tricky one that will likely be improved in our new UI in Mango 3.0. The reason Local devices are kept separate is that multiple data sources can use one local device. Thanks.