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Errors of BACnet Data Source

  • we are running a MA 2.4 with around 4500 data points and more than 50 data source.

    These recent days we found a problem of the BACnet data source which has near 400 data points.

    when active data points are less than 200, the data source is updating smoothly. But when more than 200 active data points, it updates slowly and goes to stop when active points turn more.

    It seems that socket connection can't be created, but the DDC device can be pinged successfully from the Mango machine.

    I attached screenshots of errors and configuration of the data source for your suggestion. thanks.

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  • Hi Mebius,

    I think we will also want to have a look at your logs and then can get back to you shortly.


  • Hi Joel, since the log including some customized information. I will mail it to you rather than posting here.


  • Mebius,

    Do you have a single data source that is getting points from the BACnet device, or do you have multiple? If the latter, you might have multiple simultaneous requests going to the device, which it may not be able to handle, causing timeouts and the appearance of a slowdown.

    I know at least that even the BACnet MS/TP is capable of polling for thousands of points without problems, subject to the speed of the connection. (I know you are using I/P, which should be much faster than MS/TP.)