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Import/Export version 2.2.2 has bug

  • I imported the data source following by the export in Import/Export module. I got error message "Unsupported Regsiter Type: 0"

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  • Can we see the JSON you were trying to import? Which data source is it?

  • I found that when I installed the Modbus IP publisher and tried a few test. Go to the import/export module and got the error. By the way, I found the Modbus IP publish module is not very stable.

  • Hi Ray,

    Can you be more specific by "not very stable" What sort of issue did you find?


  • When I just test one data point and started the offset to be 0. The value is all right. When I added two to three data points in one shot. The offset is 0 is all right. The following value of other data points are 0 but the value should not be 0. I found that those first 2 bytes of 8 bytes are 0. However, when I changed the offset=4 or 8 to 0 and reorder, they show the values correctly not 0 by chance.

  • I'm not sure I fully follow your explination but it sounds like possibly there is just a miss understanding.

    This is from the help file:

    The Offset is the 0 based location where the data will start. It is important to understand how large your data is so that you can space out the data and not have data overlap. For example, each offset location represents 2 bytes of data so if you are publishing a Numeric piece of data you must space your next point at least 4 offsets away.

    What this means is that the Modbus registers in the publisher are 8 byte registers so the offset you assign to each published point needs to be like this: 0,4,8,12,... Each off set takes up 4 2 byte registers.

    Let me know if that clears it up.


  • Yes, I did. I believe my setup were all right. Otherwise, I would not get the correct values after I shuffled the data points.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by shuffled your data points?

  • I did the following step if I remember correctly.

    1. Add one data point (offset=0) for Modbus IP publisher. I works.
    2. Add two more data points. Only offset=0 is working. The other data points are 0.
    3. Remove all data points, except offset=4 and set to offset 0. It works again.
    4. Add back the previous data point which was offset=0 to offset=4. It works.

    Do something like steps 4 for others to make it work. It seems to me that the data points has to set to offset=0 and then change to other offset value to make it work. But I am not very sure.