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How to force old not calculated metadata to be calculated ?

  • Hi, I've set some metadata datapoints based on other datapoints, but new metadata is only applied for new datapoints values ...

    How can I force mango to recalculate all allready past existing points medatada ?

  • There is a generate history button on the metapoint in the datasource page. Unfortunately, this button has some known issues associated with it, and may not work quite as expected.

    I believe the best results with that button can be achieved by changing the meta point's update/logging information to be 1. run on context update and 2. log on change.

  • :-( can't find that button. Could you please tell me where exactly is suposed to be ?

  • In line with the data point on its data source page. The table should be:
    Name --< Type --> Enable/Disable Button --> Generate History Button --> Edit Point Button

  • OK. Im' afraid ScadaBR fork doesn't have this feature :-(

    Thank you !

  • You could theoretically perform this task with a scripting datasource. Say you have a need to generate the last 1000 points...

    1. Add all the context points to your script as you would your meta point.
    2. Write a big for loop, iterate i :
    var dt = new Date();
    for(var i = 1; i < 1000; ++i) {
    pnt1 = point1.prev(MINUTE, i).firstValue;
    pntN = pointN.prev(MINUTE, i).firstValue;
    result = //do work on the pnt values
    meta.set(result, dt.getTime()-(i*60*1000));

    and you could just have it get generated in one run of the script. Not pretty, but it should work.

    Note: This is for numeric points. Binaries and multistates would have a different solution.

  • It's good workaround. Thankyou