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How do you run Mango as a Windows service?

  • Hi Windows Guru,

    How do you run Mango as a Windows service? Preferably, it will auto restart whenever the service was stop unexpectedly.


  • We don't currently have a windows service for Mango but you can make it auto start by placing a link to the ma-start.bat file in your start up folder.



  • So I just installed Mango on a Win7 laptop. I followed the directions given to install/run as a service, although the service installed, after started, it stops shortly after. Also, even though the service says it is running, I cannot access the page via localhost:8080. Are there additional steps that are not outlined?

  • Can you run it without the service with the ma-start.bat file?

    You'll want to look in the logs file for errors during start up. They will be located in /logs/ma.log or sometimes when running as a windows service in bin/logs/ma.log

  • Joel,

    Yes, I can run Mango with the ma-start.bat file.

  • Keith,

    Please do share the contents of ma.log from Mango/bin/logs/ or Mango/logs/

  • What is your install path. I think the configuration file for the service is for C:\Mango if it's different you need to edit that before you install the service.