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Trouble with Comm Ports in ASCII Module

  • I have a working Mango Install running on 32 bit Ubuntu 12.04 (server) headless.

    I have properly installed librxtx-java and copied the appropriate files to enable serial ports.

    I am using Moxa Nport 5130A & 5150A Serial Device Servers.

    I have installed the appropriate drivers and am able to [ cat /dev/ttyr00 ] and received data from my device.

    When attempting to add a data source in Mango the list of Serial ports only contains "/dev/ttyS0" No other serial port on the system shows up on the list.

    I have done the following in an attempt to get this working:
    verified that /dev/ttr00 is owned by the dialout group
    verified that /dev/ttyr00 is read/writable to this group. I have also opened it completely "0777"

    Is anyone familiar with this module and what stars must be aligned to get serial ports listed in the dropdown?
    If available I'd happily review the source code and work my way through it, but I have not found any source for this module?
    Is there any possibility of pointing this module to a TCP/IP server instead of a serial port. I'm aware that this is possible under modbus, but my hardware does not support modbus?

  • A little more info.

    I have had some success getting a USB to Serial Adapter to function properly. By that I mean I plugged it in, restarted mango, and it showed up in the list.

    The device in question is a Model USOPTL4 from B & B Electronics.

    So far I have attempted to use the Moxa realcom TTY driver in the following environments.

    KVM/QEMU instance on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit HOST Ubuntu 12.04 32bit GUEST - This install required modification of Moxa Source Code npreal2.c[line ~759 "terminos_locked"]
    KVM/QEMU instance on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit HOST Ubuntu 12.04 64bit GUEST
    Ubuntu 12.04 32bit installed on HP laptop.
    Ubuntu 12.04 32bit installed on Dell Dimensions 400 Desktop
    Virtualbox instance on Windows 7 64bit HOST Ubuntu 12.04 32bit GUEST
    Amazon Cloud using EBS Volume - Ubuntu 12.04 32bit from Ubuntu servers lists
    Amazon Cloud using EBS Volume - Ubuntu 12.04 64bit from Ubuntu servers lists

    I have had similar results on all of the installs. The exception being that I have not connected USB adapters to all of the virtualized installs. Some of the installs show /dev/ttyS0 in the list and some do not.

  • Well done. Unfortunately this is a matter of both the usb/serial drivers and the RXTX native library, and so for the most part (barring explicit hacking of these thing) is out of our hands. Some devices work better than others.

  • Regarding your question about TCP, yes, this is possible, but currently not supported in the module.