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Help File Errors ***SOLVED!!***

  • I am trying to import data from a smallish cluster of CAI Webcontrol boards. I can get this data via a wget script url an url to a cgi script on the CAI boards. So I downloaded the newest HTTP module and stuck the file in the web/modules directory. Perhaps I don't need this module to use a local script to gather numeric data via wget?

    This seems to have broken the "help" icons? I get this error:

        Document file not found: web/WEB-INF/dox/welcomeToMango.htm  

    I see lots of files in /opt/mango/web/WEB-INF/, including "welcomeToMango.htm" so I am not sure what has happened or why?

    They seemed to work before I added the HTTP module? I removed the http directory thinking it was the problem but after a restart still does not work.

    Any ideas on this?



  • Hi Tom,

    This error happens when the script is run from a location other than the MA home dir.

    I'm attaching a new file that solves this problem. It will also be included in version 2.0.4

    Also, you should be able to use the HTTP retriever to get the data directly from the Webcontrol board without using a wget script.

    Let me know how this works for you,


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  • OK switching to the mango directory and starting seems to have cured it. Will edit the later.