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    @mattfox I just want save object in value or value can't be object?
    Code is this

            <div ng-init="rackList = [ 
            {'Name': 'CardName_A01', 'Rack': 'CardNo_A01', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 1}, {'Name': 'CardName_A02', 'Rack': 'CardNo_A02', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 2}, {'Name': 'CardName_A03', 'Rack':'CardNo_A03', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 3},
            {'Name': 'CardName_A04', 'Rack': 'CardNo_A04', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 4}, {'Name': 'CardName_A05', 'Rack': 'CardNo_A05', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 5}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_A06', 'Rack': 'CardNo_A06', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 6}, {'Name': 'CardName_A07', 'Rack': 'CardNo_A07', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 7}, {'Name': 'CardName_A08', 'Rack':'CardNo_A08', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 8}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_A09', 'Rack': 'CardNo_A09', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 9}, {'Name': 'CardName_A10', 'Rack': 'CardNo_A10', 'Label': 'A', 'idx': 10},
            {'Name': 'CardName_B01', 'Rack': 'CardNo_B01', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 1}, {'Name': 'CardName_B02', 'Rack': 'CardNo_B02', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 2}, {'Name': 'CardName_B03', 'Rack':'CardNo_B03', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 3}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_B04', 'Rack': 'CardNo_B04', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 4}, {'Name': 'CardName_B05', 'Rack': 'CardNo_B05', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 5}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_B06', 'Rack': 'CardNo_B06', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 6}, {'Name': 'CardName_B07', 'Rack': 'CardNo_B07', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 7}, {'Name': 'CardName_B08', 'Rack':'CardNo_B08', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 8}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_B09', 'Rack': 'CardNo_B09', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 9}, {'Name': 'CardName_B10', 'Rack': 'CardNo_B10', 'Label': 'B', 'idx': 10},
            {'Name': 'CardName_C01', 'Rack': 'CardNo_C01', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 1}, {'Name': 'CardName_C02', 'Rack': 'CardNo_C02', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 2}, {'Name': 'CardName_C03', 'Rack':'CardNo_C03', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 3}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_C04', 'Rack': 'CardNo_C04', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 4}, {'Name': 'CardName_C05', 'Rack': 'CardNo_C05', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 5}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_C06', 'Rack': 'CardNo_C06', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 6}, {'Name': 'CardName_C07', 'Rack': 'CardNo_C07', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 7}, {'Name': 'CardName_C08', 'Rack':'CardNo_C08', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 8}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_C09', 'Rack': 'CardNo_C09', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 9}, {'Name': 'CardName_C10', 'Rack': 'CardNo_C10', 'Label': 'C', 'idx': 10},
            {'Name': 'CardName_D01', 'Rack': 'CardNo_D01', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 1}, {'Name': 'CardName_D02', 'Rack': 'CardNo_D02', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 2}, {'Name': 'CardName_D03', 'Rack':'CardNo_D03', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 3}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_D04', 'Rack': 'CardNo_D04', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 4}, {'Name': 'CardName_D05', 'Rack': 'CardNo_D05', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 5}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_D06', 'Rack': 'CardNo_D06', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 6}, {'Name': 'CardName_D07', 'Rack': 'CardNo_D07', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 7}, {'Name': 'CardName_D08', 'Rack':'CardNo_D08', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 8}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_D09', 'Rack': 'CardNo_D09', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 9}, {'Name': 'CardName_D10', 'Rack': 'CardNo_D10', 'Label': 'D', 'idx': 10},
            {'Name': 'CardName_E01', 'Rack': 'CardNo_E01', 'Label': 'E', 'idx': 1}, {'Name': 'CardName_E02', 'Rack': 'CardNo_E02', 'Label': 'E', 'idx': 2}, {'Name': 'CardName_E03', 'Rack':'CardNo_E03', 'Label': 'E', 'idx': 3}, 
            {'Name': 'CardName_E04', 'Rack': 'CardNo_E04', 'Label': 'E', 'idx': 4}
            <ma-get-point-value point-xid="XID_cardControllerLastRack" point="LastRackSelect"></ma-get-point-value>
            <div ng-init="pointName.Rack = LastRackSelect.value"></div>
            <ma-point-query query="{$and: true,name:pointName.Rack,deviceName: 'RackAccessSystem'}" sort="'name'" points="points"></ma-point-query>
            <ma-point-query query="{$and: true,name:pointName.Name,deviceName: 'RackAccessSystem'}" sort="'name'" points="names"></ma-point-query>
            <ma-get-point-value points="points"></ma-get-point-value>
            <ma-get-point-value points="names"></ma-get-point-value>
    <form layout-gt-sm="row" name="Form">
                    <md-input-container flex="" id="cardedit">
                        <label>select Item</label>
                        <md-select class="select-block" ng-model="pointName" ng-change="LastRackSelect.setValue(pointName)" ng-model-options="{getterSetter:true}">
                            <md-option ng-repeat="Rack in rackList" ng-value="Rack">{{Rack.Name | limitTo:3:9}}</md-option>

    I want to save select pointName object to save in datapoint XID_cardControllerLastRack
    when nexttime into this page can load XID_cardControllerLastRack value to use default select ng-model

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  • sean sean

    A question about Point Value type,
    How to save object type like newValue = {"Name":"CardName_A02","Rack":"CardNo_A02","Label":"A","idx":2}
    into datapoint ?
    I use
    but in Point's value is null
    How do I do to save object type value in datapoint?

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    thank you
    use $sce can show inside component

    <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_001_Meter_kWh" point="c001_Meter_kWh"></ma-get-point-value>

    but can't use bind {{c001_Meter_kWh.value}} in other side to see value
    how to fix it?

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    I got new idea

    use component

      app.component("pointCom", {
        bindings: {
              point: "<",
              qty: "@",
              min: "@",
              max: "@"
            controller: dataController,
            controllerAs: "dc",
            <div ng-bind-html="dc.sour">
          dataController.$inject = ["$scope"]
          function dataController($scope){
              let dc = this
              let P = dc.point
              let Q = dc.qty
              let min = dc.min
              let max = dc.max
              let num = 0
              this.$onChanges = function() {
                  let p = dc.point
                  dc.sour = ''
                  max = dc.max
                  num = dc.min
                  if (max !== undefined){
                      Q = max
                  } else {
                      Q = dc.qty
                  if (p !== undefined){
                      for (let i=0; i < Q; i++){
                      num = Number(num)
                      num = num.pad(3)
                      dc.sour += `
                      <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_${num}_Meter_kWh" point="c${num}_Meter_kWh"></ma-get-point-value>
                      <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_${num}_Meter_V" point="c${num}_Meter_V"></ma-get-point-value>
                      <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_${num}_Meter_A" point="c${num}_Meter_A"></ma-get-point-value>
                Number.prototype.pad = function(size) {
                	let s = String(this)
                	while (s.length < (size || 2)) {s = "0" + s;}
                	return s

    but in the html dom
    <ma-get-point-value> just dispear like this pic
    how do I fix it?

    in console.log can see dc.sour

    <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_001_Meter_kWh" point="c001_Meter_kWh"></ma-get-point-value>
                      <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_001_Meter_V" point="c001_Meter_V"></ma-get-point-value>
                      <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_001_Meter_A" point="c001_Meter_A"></ma-get-point-value>

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  • sean sean

    Thank you ! for It working

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  • sean sean

    when I have maybe 10 datapoint's xid like "DP_c01_temperature" "DP_c02_temperature" ... "DP_c10_temperature"

    I want use ng-repeat to get 1 to 10 index code like this

    <div ng-repeat="x in [].constructor(10) track by index">
      <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_c{{index}}_temperature" point="c{{index}}_temperature"></ma-get-point-value>
      <div class="value">C{{index}} Temperature: <span ng-bind="c{{index}}_temperature.value"></span></div>

    but point in console Error: [$parse:syntax] Syntax Error: Token '{' is an unexpected token at column 4 of the expression [c{{index}}_temperature] starting at [{{index}}_temperature].

    How can I fix it ?

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  • sean sean

    About like script in the previous version this script can be work . but in 3.7.7 have this error,
    How can I fix

    TypeError: com.serotonin.m2m2.db.dao.MailingListDao.instance.getMailingList is not a function at line: 216
    function sendEmail(contents,recipients){
      var zHead = g_customerName +  "-[zDCIM System Report]";
      var dsvo = com.serotonin.m2m2.db.dao.MailingListDao.instance.getMailingList("XID_zlabsMailList");
      var zlabsMailingList = String(dsvo).slice(13, -2);
      var dsvo1 = com.serotonin.m2m2.db.dao.MailingListDao.instance.getMailingList("XID_customerMailList");
      // print(dsvo1);
      var userMailingList = String(dsvo1).slice(13, -2);
      var defaultMailList = "";
      if (zlabsMailingList.length > 0){defaultMailList = zlabsMailingList;}
      if (userMailingList.length > 0) {defaultMailList = defaultMailList + "," + userMailingList ; }
      var the_recipientMail = (typeof recipients !== 'undefined') ?  recipients : defaultMailList;
      var theRecipientArray = the_recipientMail.split(',');
      if (the_recipientMail.length > 0){
        var emailContent = new com.serotonin.web.mail.EmailContent(null, contents, com.serotonin.m2m2.Common.UTF8);
        //print(emailContent);, zHead, emailContent, null);

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    I have a metal datapoint script like this

    var triggerSMSAction = false;
    var thisText = "";
    var NL = "\r\n";
    var S = my.value;
    print('my.value= '+my.value);
    var resendMsgTimeDelay = 300;
    var Ptr = -1;
    var txt = "";
    var theSecondsDelyforSignalVerification = 30;
    //--mango timestamp value in milliseconds since the epoch
    var now = new Date().getTime();
    var o1lastValue,o1_isLeak,o1;
    o1 = getDataPointByXID("XID_MainDC_Leak_A");
    // print(o1);
    o1lastValue = o1.lastValue();
    print ("o1lastValue =",o1lastValue);
    o1_isLeak = o1lastValue.value;
    print("o1_isLeak =",o1_isLeak);
    if (o1_isLeak === true) {
        print ("now =",now);
        print ("o1LastValueTime =",o1lastValue.time);
    	timeDiff = (now - o1lastValue.time)/1000;
    	print("timeDiff =",timeDiff);
    	if (timeDiff <= theSecondsDelyforSignalVerification) {o1_isLeak=false;}
    Ptr = Ptr + 1;
    if (o1_isLeak === true){
             print ("Debug it !!");
             if (!(S & Mask[Ptr])) { // 0101 & 0100 => 0100 => true
                // do stuff
                txt = 'Delay-Alarm';
    			S = S | Mask[Ptr] ;
    			triggerSMSAction = true;
    			thisText = thisText + txt + NL;
            if (S & Mask[Ptr]) { // 0101 & 0100 => 0100 => true
                // from true to false
                txt = 'Delay-reCover';
    			S = S ^ Mask[Ptr] ;
    			triggerSMSAction = true;
    			thisText = thisText + txt + NL;
    function getDataPointByXID(xid) {
      var dataPoints = DataPointQuery.query("eq(xid,"+xid+")");
      if( dataPoints.length !== 1 )
      throw"Data point with xid '" + xid + "' not found.");
      return dataPoints[0].runtime;

    I turn the datapoint "XID_MainDC_Leak_A" value to true but in the if (o1_isLeak === true) script will not work?
    How do I do fix it?

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  • sean sean

    @phildunlap Phildunlap
    In the recipients = ["you@doman.extension"];
    how to use mailling list like XID_ourGroupMailList this mail group in here?

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  • sean sean

    How can change datapoint value from user module Angularjs. code like is

    app.directive("alertEvent", function(){
        return {
            restrict: "E",
          scope: {
            point: "=",
            check: "="
        link: function(scope, elemnt, attrs){
            var audio = new Audio('/rest/v2/file-stores/public/AlarmSound.mp3');
            audio.muted = false;
            scope.$watch("point.value", function(newValue, oldValue){
                var P = newValue;
                var Ch = scope.check;
                if (P == true){
                    if (Ch == true) {
                        for (let n =0; n<10; n++){
                    scope.point.value = false;
                    } else {
                } else {

    want to when finished change scope.point this datapoint value to false,How to I do?

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