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    Hello Phil,

    It works now , connecting directly to the raspberry PI .

    But the display between custom pages or settings pages takes about 3 to 5 seconds delay, and sometimes more.

    Is-it due to the ram (only 1 gb with raspian ?)

    With a computer core I5 8th generation 3,5 Ghz , 8 GB ram , W10 , the display between pages is less than a second.

    Is it as fast for the MangoHTS ( 8GB RAM max ). (display between pages less than a second ?)
    Best regards

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    Here is the screenshot of java versions available0_1568379059946_20190913_143216.jpg

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    Hello Phil ,

    The file /usr/bin/java is present , but when i try to execute it nothings happens. is containing already echo but i don’t know how to add one.
    As I said I don’t know how to use linux, just very few commands.

    The situation has been improved but not at all.

    I can start Mango , but it’s blocked with 5% starting


    I was unable to have the good echo when usin oracle jre 1.8.0_221

    So with the command sudo update-alternatives --config java , I choose an another version than oracle 1.8.0_221 :


    ![0_1568378879190_20190913_143216.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    Now I can have a good echo for java -version

    I updated the etc/environment file with the following
    JAVA_HOME= »/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-armhf/jre/bin/java»

    Of course there’s a problem to launch the display , because I use VNC viewer but I can see the Mango software starting when typing localhost :8080 in the webbrowser bar.

    But why Mango is blocked at 5% when starting ?

    Is-it because it’s not a oracle version of java ?

    Thanks for your help

    Best regards



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  • J JF89

    here is the screnshot of the check starting mango


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    Hello Phil,

    i have many difficulties how to use linux, and i followed your tutorial step by step.
    But I encountered the problem with the path.
    In your tutorial you said :

    Add the following to the file
    If you have path settings add at the end of PATH following :/usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_131/bin”
    save /etc/environment (ctrl+x)

    But the syntax is not given by the tutorial.

    So that’s why I’m lookink for help.

    With your previous comment I know now that the path is not good . But i still don’t know how to write that path in etc/environment.

    I tried to start mango with sudo ./ start command in the bin directory of mango , but mango doesn’t work

    is_it because java JRE is not answering ?
    because when I check java -version , I have no answer.

    When you install JDK, does it install in the same time JRE ?

    best regards

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  • J JF89


    I followed your tutorial to install mango on raspberry PI.

    I’m blocked whith the command prompt :

    sudo update-alternatives --install java /usr/bin/java /usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_221/bin/java

    as you can see with the following screenshot :


    i don’t know linux , and I found on the web a syntax to declare the path for
    :/usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_221/bin but i don’t know if it’s the good syntax.
    Here it’s what I wrote on the /etc/environment file :


    Is-it correct for the path ?

    If yes , have you got any idea of my problem ?

    I can obtain JDK as you can see in the following screenshot, but not the java version :

    0_1568297062870_reponse java version.jpg

    Best regards

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    Hello jared,

    You said : The gist of it is that ma-selector should be set to a CSS selector,

    But I don’t even know how to set the ma-selector to a CSS selector !!

    Even with the links you gave me , i unable to understand how does it works with mango . (angular JS attributes)

    Even with the examples given in mango software I unable to update the code to realise the simple rotating svg object I want.

    Using scripts is possible for me , but only if it’s not complicated.

    I suppose i have to learn many things to be able to do a page like that :


    So, I prefer to stop my involvement in mango.

    Thanks for your help.


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    The following example is taken from a video of mango website showing how to make an image rotating on itself.
    It’s possible for me to make an image rotating on its own position, but not for a svg object.

    The svg objet (called « rotor » in the script code below) is rotating with an offset of several hundreds of pixels.


    I can of course use an image instead of a svg object , but the rotation wil not be exactly at the center of the object, it’s why i think it’s better to do with svg objects .

    Have you got any idea why is there an offset when rotating ?

    Where is it possible to find a documetation on the differents properties and method of ma-selector object ?

    result of the display:


    Best regards

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    I wonder why is there a special syntax in the example below with the character ! in the sentence :

    <div ma-selector="#DAS-OFF rect" ng-style="{'fill': !dasStatus.value ? 'red' : 'white'}"></div>

    And not in that sentence :

    <div ma-selector="#DAS-ON rect" ng-style="{'fill': dasStatus.value ? 'green' : 'white'}"></div>


    I tried to remove it but , the animation does’nt work properly.

    Any idea ?

    Best regards

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