• A Ataz

    The log files are not much help as there is only one entry in the ma.log:
    INFO 2020-11-30T09:58:50,027 (com.serotonin.m2m2.Main.main:121) - Starting Mango 3.7.7 with Schema Version: 29
    Let me know which ones you'd like to see the contents of and I'll post it here.

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  • A Ataz

    My MangoGT5119 unit has developed another issue.

    It is refusing to connect when I try to login using the GUI.

    I can login over SSH ok, but when I do a “pidof java” command, sometimes I get a process number back and sometimes not.

    If I do get a number response it doesn’t stay the same when I do another request a few seconds later, so does that indicate it is constantly restarting or….?

    I can sudo stop the service and it stays stopped, but a “sudo start service” or “sudo reboot” doesn’t fix the issue.

    Can you give me some instruction on how to fix it?

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  • A Ataz

    Thanks for the replies.
    All I really need is to send a regular email (via scheduled events) which contains a single value ( a water meter reading) to the local council officer.
    A normal report will work just fine if I select a date range of "previous 1 minute" as the data point is only logged every 5 minutes. It would just be cleaner not to have to send the chart graphic with minimum, maximum, average etc etc values in the email as well (all I really want to send is the one number a site identifier). See below
    I'll have a crack at using the information you have provided.
    Thanks again.

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  • A Ataz

    I am trying to create a simple email in event handler triggered by a scheduled event that sends the current value of a data point.
    The scenario is to report a weekly reading of a water meter to a local government department via email.
    In the UI, I made a scheduled event then added an email to it in Event Handler, adding the required data point in the "Additional Context" section. The email; gets sent fine but there is never any data point value included in the email.
    Any advice on how to get this working is much appreciated.
    I'm not at all familiar with scripting if that is required.


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