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Send / Receive ASCII string through serial port?

  • Is there anyway in Mango to send an ASCII string to a serial device and capture the response? I'm trying to connect to a RS-485 thermostat. A sample request for the set temperature of the thermostat would be:

    "SN1 SH=?" and the reply would be "SN1 SH=68"


  • No, not currently. The number of possibilities that people might need from something like this are too vast to build a general data source. You would be much better off building a module in M2M2 specifically for your equipment.

  • Hi,

    I tried workaround for this. I create simple JAR with openPort, closePort and sendData method with RxTx library.

    This JAR I sent to jre/lib/ext folder with RxTx library.

    Last step was create Meta data source point with some field with Cron timing.
    In Javascript (Rhino) I wrote import of my JAR and called my methods.

    Now I am busy, but I want to create simple example and zip with my serial communicator classes.

    It works.


  • Java script code for ASCII serial

    var serial = new SerialCommunicator();
    var command = 'ati\r\n';
    x = serial.openPort("/dev/ttyS0", 115200, 8, 1, SerialCommunicator.PARITY_NONE, SerialCommunicator.FLOWCONTROL_NONE);
    //sendDataAsString(String, timeout for response, timeout for last byte from response - detect packet end)
    vysledek = serial.sendDataAsString(command,1000,100);
    return vysledek;

    You can call sendDataAsString multiple and return part1+","+part2+"," part3
    and split in other fields in datasource.

  • Copy SerialCommunicator.jar to ...jre/lib/ext . RxTx library have to be installed.

    After copy you have to restart apache-tomcat.

    I attached datapoint settings picture

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  • OJA,

    Thank you for the reply and example. I'll give it a try!

  • Oja,

    The link to your files are removed or can not be found. Please let me know how I can get your code.


  • Ok, I am attaching it as one ZIP.

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