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Escalation emails never received

  • I have been trying to get a second email address contacted when an event detector has been active for a certain amount of time by using the escalation feature of the email event handler.

    I have also checked Send Inactive Notification on the email event handler.

    The first email is received as soon as the event detector is triggered. I've had the escalation set to send in 60 seconds to a couple of minutes. The job seems to get added to the quartz job scheduler but that is as far as I have stepped through it.

    When the condition falls, both email addresses receive an email stating that the event is now inactive.

    I have tested this with mango 1.1.0 and CVS with same results.

    Is something amiss or have I misunderstood the escalation feature?

  • I just tested this myself and it worked fine for me. Is the problem that you just don't receive the escalation? Have you used the "test email" feature to make sure that the address is ok?

  • Hi Matt,
    Thanks for testing that out for me.

    Yes I have used the test email function and checked spam filters for the message. The inactive notification was delivered to both accounts so I presumed there were no SMTP related problems. I'll keep digging today.

  • There are only a few things that could be potentially going wrong. You mentioned that the escalation job gets scheduled, so i'll start from there:

    1. in scheduleTimeout(), the set of addresses is empty for some reason, so the email is not sent to anyone

    2. eventInactive() is getting called, causing the job to be unscheduled

    3. the job is getting unscheduled by some other mysterious means

    All three seem unlikely, but it must be something. If you have Eclipse going, i recommend setting breakpoints at the first lines of the two methods mentioned above (and maybe eventRaised() too for fun) and stepping through the execution.

  • Actually, cancel that. Since the inactive email is sent to the escalation address, all of these reason are invalid. Maybe check the logs to see if there were any errors while sending the escalation. The only thing that could cause that though is a problem with the escalation FTL template (since all of the other emails are properly sent).

  • I have now received an escalation notice. It came out of the blue yesterday when i wasn't working on mango but it happened to still be running.

    Thanks for the list of things to check and breakpoint suggestions.

    I have all the log level settings in log4j.xml set to DEBUG as I understand this is the most verbose setting but I didn't see anything about email being sent although it does generate a lot of output and I could have missed it.

    It might be a couple days before I get back to this but I'll keep you posted