• C craig

    Hi Rob,

    I think you need http receiver since your device is going to POST data to in JSON format mango. It has nothing to do with modbus except in your device you are populating the JSON data with fields from the devices modbus map.

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  • C craig

    Hi Jared,

    thanks for digging up the relevant source.

    Can lines 54,55,56 in be deleted:

        addAlias(SI.VOLT.times(SI.AMPERE), "VAR");
        addAlias(SI.KILO(SI.VOLT).times(SI.AMPERE), "kVAR");
        addAlias(SI.MEGA(SI.VOLT).times(SI.AMPERE), "MVAR");

    These would appear to be the culprits for displaying the units on my VAR tags as V·A.

    VARh, kVARh, MVARh, VAh, kVAh, and MVAh are also units that are used for the integral of reactive power over an hour (VARh) and the integral of apparent power over an hour (VAh).

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  • C craig

    electrical power engineer here;
    Apparent Power is a complex number, it has real and imaginary parts. The symbol for Apparent Power is S. The units for Apparent Power is VA.
    S=V*I, where V and I are complex numbers which have real and imaginary components.

    The symbol for reactive power is Q. the units for reactive power is VAR.
    Q=IV sin theta, where theta is the angle between the vectors for I and V.

    The symbol for real power is P. the units for real power is Watts (W).
    P=IV cos theta

    Nobody should be OK using VA and VAR interchangeably, they are not the same thing. only the same thing in one specific case where theta = 90 degrees are S and Q equal.

    I have also had issues with mango changing the units on me when dealing with real, reactive, and apparent power, which is often the case in any electrical power application.

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  • C craig

    how many points and datasources at what poll rates and logging are you running on what hardware?

    We had one mangoES die after about ~2 years of service with less than 100 points logging once per second, but up until then it seemed to do OK.

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  • C craig

    curious for 7800 points how often are they read from the datasources, how often are they logged to disk, and how much RAM are you allowing for the JVM on the 6 core CPU?

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  • C craig

    maybe a limit could be implemented so if "select all" was clicked it would only select up to 30.

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  • C craig

    Hi Phil, no failed network requests and no errors in the firebug console, it is on version 3.6.4. Guess it is a web browser thing

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  • C craig

    firefox 68, or more exactly: userAgent=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0

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  • C craig


    When I try to save a plot from a watchlist the jpg,png,pdf exports are all blank white space. The PDF has an URL at the top. The xlsx export does provide data, and there is data in the plot.

    looks like this exception in the log occurs:

    WARN  2019-10-07T09:42:16,831 ( - Client error
    [user=admin, cause=Possibly unhandled rejection: {}, location=, userAgent=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0, language=en-US, date=2019-10-07T09:42:35.800-07:00, timezone=Africa/Abidjan]
    TypeError: this.activeEvents is undefined
    	at subscribeToEvents/< (
    	at u/</< (
    	at u/< (
    	at $digest (
    	at $apply (
    	at $applyAsync/r< (
    	at Qr/this.$get</</this.completeTask (
    	at un/this.$get</</a.defer/r< (

    actually that exception might be related to viewing the log, not the empty plots

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  • C craig

    No points have been disabled, no event messages about disabled points, just some meta points not starting back up properly after a dirty shutdown.

    The meta point has a cron of 2 minutes as the update event, the script is "return p.previous(MINUTE,2).average", and is set to average interval logging every 2 minutes.

    The excel report is using rollups.

    Let me know if there is any other information I can provide before I start changing things that will make any further troubleshooting of the root cause impossible.

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