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  • I configured Mango (under Linux Ubuntu 10.04) with an OPC server running on Windows XP SP2 (OPC server Siemens S7200)
    The OPC DA Properties seems good : I can get all the items of the OPC server.

    The problem is when I want to enable the DataSource, nothing append.
    The mango.log file show the following error message :

    org.openscada.opc.lib.da.AccessBase.connectionStateChanged:199 - Failed to change state (true)
    org.jinterop.dcom.common.JIException: The RPC server is unavailable.Please check if COM server is up and running and that route to the COM Server is accessible (A simple "Ping" to the Server machine would do). Also pease confirm if the Windows Firewall is note blocking DCOM access [0x800706BA]

    I have checked that the Windows XP Firewall is Off. I also do all the configuration described in the file OPC Configuration ScadaBR (find on this forum) : Access Permissions for all users in the COM Security tab (DCOMCnfg) for the Edit Limits and also for the Launch and Activation Permissions

    Does anyone have an idea where the problem is ?

  • I've installed the Mango application on a full windows XP configurat(ion
    Now I can read the OPC item but after few minutes (15 to 20 mn) the system seems to "stop".
    No error log but the item values are not refreshed ...

    Is this problem allready appeared for someone ?

    Do you think that I should test a MySQL storage ?

    Thanks for help