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Metadatasource - reference itself

  • hi, i have a meta, with this as follows...

    [script to monitor number of mins that temp is above a certain limit]

    if (temp.value>=(sp.value+offset.value)) value=value+1;
    else value=0;
    return value;

    this script is set to run at the start of each minute..


    if temp >= setpoint + offset, increment meta point...

    then i have a binary meta which....

    if no. of mins >= delay mins, value=true, else false...

    this all works but the awkward bit if the first meta point referencing itself (necessary for the increment?)

    mainly because i cannot pick the meta "mon" until i've created the point and left and returned to meta point editing..

    is there another way i can reference the value?


  • i realise i can do this with an alarm trigger from a binary meta point based on temp, sp and offset... but i want to give the user the ability to alter the alarm delay, and so this needs to be a data point..

    and as far as i'm aware, i cannot link an alarm delay to a data point.


  • Can't you just use a high limit detector on the temp point?

  • i could but i want to make it compare to a point variable instead of fixed value so that an end user can change the level.