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  • I set up 1 feed with 9 data stream as a pachube publisher. I have the update event set to on change and snapshot send period of 15 minutes. I am not understanding why I get API rate increases every now and then. What in the configuration is causing such a high API request rate? Am I correct in assuming the the way I configured it should send changes to Pachube every 15 minutes? Or is every change in the point causing a pachube publish event regardless of the send period?

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    API request rates
    You were last rate-limited less than a minute ago (on Fri Oct 15 04:36:04 +0000 2010).

    Requests using your API key were denied because you exceeded Pachube's rate limit policy.

    Here are your API request counters for the last 3 minutes:

    * 2010-10-15-04:36 --> 12
    * 2010-10-15-04:35 --> 29
    * 2010-10-15-04:34 --> 29

  • The publisher sends a message to Pachube every time a point value changes.

  • Well that would explain the spikes. :-)

    I have simple feature request..Deadband option like that presented in the datalogger.

    What is send period of 15 minutes do? It was not described in the help for this.

  • It sends a snapshot of all the points every 15 minutes.