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Mango 4.2 Change port from 8443 to 8080?

  • Hi All, I have recently upgraded from v3.7? to v4.2. I see by default the Mango is using 8443. How and where is the location to change this? Changing SSL to false etc and adding port 8080 command in does not work. Contrary to the documentation for 4.0 there is no reference to ports in the file located in mango-data.
    Some pointers would be much appreciated- i would like to at least get this thing back to port 8080.

  • @cnmlscada Mango doesn't default to use port 8443, you must configure SSL for this to happen. It looks to me like Mango is finding a different properties file then the one you think it is using. Here is the search precedence in Mango 4:

    # Config file ( search path:
    # $mango_config
    # $MA_ENV_PROPERTIES (legacy environment variable)
    # $mango_paths_data/
    # $mango_paths_data/
    # ~/
    # $mango_paths_home/ (legacy location)
    # $mango_paths_home/overrides/properties/ (legacy location)

  • Check the top of your log file/console output to see what configuration file Mango is using.

  • Hi Guys, Thanks for your pointers I manageed to get it sorted. Looking at the log it is using
    $mango_paths_data/ By default after installation it was running SSL. I had commented out the SSL keystore location and password lines, added web.port=8080 and changed ssl.on=true to ssl.on=false - That was where the issue was. I commented out the ssl.on line - did a restart and all runs well with port 8080