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What happened to the legacy Email Reports?

  • Hey Guys, I've used the reports function extensively for daily reports of data point trends on a number of Mango instances.
    I've recently installed the latest version for a client and the reporting is a little overwhelming :-/
    I created an excel template as per the docs, and managed to get a report to generate, however it's just a massive list of data points and their values. No where as simple as the old system was...


    Then, the new setup...


    Is there still a default report template somewhere that would make nice graphs that I can email to the punters?


  • Hi Dan, For the time being the older reports module is not available in Mango v4. We have been looking at different options to upgrade reporting in v4 and will let you know when we have any updates.

  • @joelhaggar Thanks Joel, that would be great, thanks.