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HTTP Image Data Source - Poll aborted until MangoHTS unit restarted

  • Hi there,

    We have two MangoHTS installed in our two separate sites. One of the data sources is a HTTP Image, which is used to poll images every 10 sec from the CCTV Camera connected to the same local network as MangoHTS. After polling the images for few hours, the HTTP Image poll keeps getting aborted. Then when the MangoHTS is restarted from the Administrator/Modules page, the system fails to restore connection until the unit is restarted via Putty using an SSH connection.

    Can anyone please suggest what the issue could be?


  • Hi AR, We'd love to help you with this issue but I think we'll need more information. I would recommend sending in a support ticket to along with your logs files, software version numbers and any other information you might think helpful.

  • @joelhaggar Thanks. Will send the email.