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  • Hi,
    When I have a points list filtering dropdown display, for each point, all its tags values are displayed inline with the points name. I have quite a few of tags for each point, I am just wondering if each tags can be turned on/off dynamically in the query so some of them are not shown since they are not relevant to the search.
    Below I have attached a screenshot for demostration:

    Thank you!

    too many tags.jpg

  • Hi, Mango Team
    Can you confirm if this above request can be done?

    Thank you.

  • I can suggest making an md-select filled with your points and filling the text with the point name and preferred tags.

    I'll have something knocked together later tonight.


  • As promised:

      <!--  selected is whatever is in the dropdown  -->
    <md-select placeholder="Select a sensor" ng-model="selected" ng-model-options="{trackBy: '$value.xid'}">
    <!--  use a point query for 'pts' for the options to loop through -->
        <md-option ng-value="pt" ng-repeat="pt in pts"> 
        {{pt.deviceName}} - {{pt.tags.deviceCategory}} 

  • This is a feature that will be in 4.0. you will be able to configure which tags should appear on menus. For 3.7 you will need to work around it as @MattFox pointed out.

  • In Mango v4 this is on the Administration > System settings > System information page. There is currently no help for this setting but I think you put in a comma-separated list of the tags you want to display.

  • @joelhaggar @CraigWeb @MattFox
    Thank you guys for the replies.
    After spending more time on Mango V3.7.7 and adding/removing things , I think the tags display need to be further fined-tune in V4.
    For example, in the below screenshot for the Meta Data Source, when it comes to display the external context points, it shows the tags which in this case it takes up a lot of real estate for 1 point. For my use case, I will need to include over a dozen points which means the screen will be taken over by the tags and the script screen will be way down and it will need scrolling up and down for reference.
    I think there needs to be a way to turn off the 'Tags' column display all together where its content is not necessarily required. The solution available in V4 by only displaying some tags will not help in situation like this since some tags content can be really long.

    tags shown on meta data points.jpg

  • That is a good suggestion. Did you also try setting just the tags you want for display on the system setting page?

  • @joelhaggar
    I am using v3.7.7 so I am out of luck there with the setttings.